What if man made it to the moon decades before that fateful trip in 1969? What if the 60's were a lot more like those pulp science fiction novels wanted them to be? Project O is a sci-fi drama that takes retro-future elements and runs with them. Set in an alternate reality where life is quickly turning The Patty Duke Show into The Jetsons, it follows the lives of several young people on Earth, and off, as they try to make names for themselves.
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Project O is back!

Well...it's been back. I updated it over at Tapastic at the end of October.
I forgot to post the latest page here, and I apologize for that. I had taken quite a long hiatus from comic work in general after I finished up The Heart Collector (over at Tapastic), and now I'm slowly getting back into things.

Updates will be erratic, but they will happen. I thank you for your continued patience and support!

Also available at http://tapas.io/series/Project-O/

On hiatus until the fall!

Project O is now going on hiatus for the rest of the summer and will be back in the fall. In the meantime, you can check out my other comics over at Tapastic (PO is posted there as well); The Heart Collector (a horror comic in the style of free verse poetry): http://tapastic.com/series/THC/ and Things That Happen to Me, a semi-autobiographical 4-koma style comic: http://tapastic.com/series/methings/
Cardboard Angel will still get updated regularly here on SmackJeeves.

See you in the fall, and thanks for your support!

Update schedule change!

Well, guys, I've got good news, and bad news. Bad news first--Project O's update schedule is temporarily changing back to Tuesdays and Thursdays. The good news is that it's still going to be updated, of course--but I have to cut back on my comic work load for a little bit. Since I've had to push back its updates several times, I figured this was the best course of action. I want to deliver quality work, but I also am working 6 days a week, and it can sometimes be pretty tough to get pages done after a long day. It's only temporary, though, and hey--a new page will be posted tomorrow night! I thank you all for your patience with all these random update changes. You rock.

New pages coming on Friday!

PO will be updated again on Friday with two pages. See you then!

Project O is a year old!

Project O celebrates its one-year anniversary today! Thank you all who have given it a chance and kept up with it this past year. Unfortunately, I'm having technical difficulties, and can't get anything scanned--ah, yes, I can send people to live on Venus, but I can't get my wifi to pick up my scanner. Because of this, I will sadly have to take the week off from updates, but will return next Monday, February 9th, with a new page! Once again, thank you for reading, and your undying patience. See you next week!

Page coming Wednesday evening!

Sorry for the delay, everyone! The next page will be up on Wednesday. Thanks for your patience!

Back on Tuesday, November 4th--

Sick and need a few days to recover. Be back next week! Happy Halloween!

Page coming Friday!

(So much for temporary updates on Tuesdays & Thursdays, eh?) Increased hours at work and still having to be careful with my arms due to tendinitis has kept me from keeping up with a lot of my work, but I'm hoping to catch up (and maybe even get ahead!) this weekend. See you soon! Sorry for the multitude of delays!

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